A New Day
Cancer Support Group

Hi! My name is Shelly Kanipe and in May 2006 A New Day Cancer Support Group was born. I am a eighteen-year survivor of fourth stage colon cancer.  The Lord extended my life and has led me to start a support group that was not limited to any one kind of cancer or to only the patient. I understand firsthand the results of being diagnosed with cancer and the impact it has on the family. When the Lord revealed to me what He had in store for me (...a support group!) I prayed about a group that was different from most and that would reach out to not only cancer patients but to cancer survivors, caregivers and the family members. I want to offer hope in a seemingly hopeless situation. This group is determined to show support through various acts of love and has touched many lives through the giving of time, wigs, hats, gas cards, meals, transportation costs, prayer, love, encouragement and many other forms giving.

A New Day Cancer Support Group understands that cancer comes in many types and stages and that all cancer patients and their families need support. We also realize that cancer is a unique experience for each person diagnosed and that no two people experience the same journey when faced with cancer. Some have the support of family and friends, but many feel isolated and think that no one understands what they are going through. This is where the group specializes. Each member has had a different experience and can listen and understand as well as share their own experience and ideas to help other patients cope with and understand the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. We are available for prayer and encouragement and are willing to visit in homes and hospitals. Sometimes just knowing someone cares and understands can be the key to keep on going. When someone cares and shows hope, miracles happen. We may never reach every cancer patient in our area, but we want to be able to support as many as possible.

About Us

A New Day Cancer Support Group is led by a strong team of survivors and volunteers. These survivors and volunteers come together with me to show their love and support for the group and those who are affected by cancer. A New Day is a non-profit organization that is strictly supported via donations. Many lives are touched each year through the donations received.

Our Mission Statement

  • To help encourage, educate, support and pray for the cancer patient as well as their family, caregivers, and friends. We are dedicated as survivors to offer hope and balance in the chaos and sometimes devastating situation of cancer diagnosis. We will be there for them in all ways that are needed, as much as possible, to lighten the load and burden that each person may face.

  • To enrich the lives of cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and their families through prayer, encouragement, acts of love and support.

  • To provide prayer, encouragement and acts of love and support into the lives of cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and their families.

  • To shine a new day of prayer, encouragement, acts of love and support into the lives of cancer patients, survivors, caregivers and their families.

  • To enrich the lives of those touched by cancer through prayer, encouragement, acts of love and support.


I would love to talk with you for encouragement and prayer if you would like. I went through cancer alone and would have loved to have had someone to talk to. The Lord carried me through the storm called cancer with limited support except for His support! I asked the Lord to let me encourage and pray with others as they go through the storm called Cancer. I also will visit you in the hospital and/or in your home...whatever makes you feel comfortable. Going through stage 4 cancer is really hard to understand so with the Lord's guidance and promises I knew I could make it and make a difference for others with cancer. Feel free to email me if you would like to talk or request a visit.

Meeting Place:     Family Life Center-Room 107

Meeting Times:    Every 3rd Thursday of each month
                                (except Jan & Feb) at 6:30 PM


Coordinator:         Shelly Kanipe

Phone:                   865-209-1906